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Dragon ball AF episode 1 : Goku`s return

Four years have pasted since the end of shenlong. His evil plot had been foiled by gogeta, the fusion of goku & vegeta. Now peace had reigned without interruption. For the Z fighter's life was smooth
Goku's sons Gohan and Goten were doing well. Gohan taught physics at the university and Goten was a senior in high school. Gohan was a fit thirty-six year old. Goten was the ladies man of the senior class.
In Bulma's house vegeta, now at forty-nine years of age, still fit and healthy. He still looked young maybe thirty-six, because of the fact that sayiens live to incredible ages. In an effort to be stronger than goku on his eventual return, vegeta tried to stay in his super sayien 4 form. Bulma had gotten used to his hairy but muscular physic.
Trunks now eighteen looked the same as he did when he arrived from the future world. It was rather interesting to know that there were two of himself in two different realities. He was very good looking. But since he did not go to school he trained with his father.
Krillon was getting too old for anything. At sixty, he stayed in bed, while his wife the immortal Android 18 took care of him. Their daughter Bra had gotten married and lived in North City. 18 herself had been lonely, her husband slept most times as she trained.
* * * *

Gohan enjoyed the weekend. He and Goten spent time together a lot during their days off. Mostly they just did normal stuff, like hang at the mall.
But today Trunks came over to train. He and Goten were best friends since the day they were born. Trunks wore a black T-shirt and fighting pants.
Gohan and Goten wore blue T-shirts, and red orange fight outfits over them. The get up was similar to their father's. Goku always wore the same thing it was just how he operated.
Trunks brushed away his shoulder length silver hair and cracked his knuckles. "What are the rules to this little game?" He asked.
"You set them Gohan. "Goten said.
"Allright. "Gohan nodded. "Just fight with whatever you've got. However minimize the energy blasts." He moved into a fighting stance.
Trunks and Goten smiled at each other. Goten jumped at Gohan launching punches and kicks with blinding speed. Trunks moved to Gohan's other side and did the same thing.
Gohan blocked every swing and kick that was thrown at him. Then he powered up to his max as a mystic sayien. Then energy he created was enough to throw Trunks and Goten back.
Trunk performed a perfect back flip, becoming a Super Sayien as he hit the ground. His sliver hair became a golden-yellow spike that stuck out in all directions. His eyes turned light blue and his eyebrows changed to match his hair. His power increased dramatically but Gohan still hadn't warmed up.
Goten got up also Super Sayien to find Gohan's fist in his face. Gohan and kicked him into the ground. The ground buckled and caved in slightly. Trucks smiled.
"You dropped your guard." He said.
Then he was knocked away by Goten. He had hit him in the side of the face. Trunks sailed across the ground the wind knocked from him.
"So did you. Goten said.
Then something grabbed his leg. Goten looked down to see Gohan with a death grip on his ankle. Gohan swung Goten around and threw him into Trunks who was just now standing up. They both fell in a pile.
Gohan flew into the air. He put his hands to his side in a cup shape. A light blue ball of energy formed in the cup.
Trunks stood up and his eyes widened when he saw the energy growing in Gohan's hands.
"Hey," he said. "You said no energy."
Gohan smiled. "No I didn't." His energy ball shot beams of light from the spaces in between his fingers.
Trunks braced himself, but suddenly the energy disappeared. Gohan's head snapped to the left.
Goten stood rubbing his head. Then he powered down from Super Sayien his hair going back to black. Trunks did the same. It was a huge power level, coming from far away. The power itself was unlike anything they've ever felt. But they knew who it was.
"Father!" Goten said.
* * * *

Vegeta's training was intense. Even in his Super Sayien 4 form the 750 times normal gravity was enough for him to strain. As he punched and kicked in the gravity room his speed and power increased. He often had to take rests and lower the gravity to 400-time normal gravity. In this state he did 10,000 push-ups before returning to 750.
He came out for meals and to talk with his wife. She even asked him to teach her how to fight a little bit. But this was just to spend more time with Vegeta. But Vegeta did teach her how to use her KI and fight a bit. Trunks trained in the room with his father sometimes but only when the gravity was at 400.
Now Vegeta had it set on 400 while he did some push-ups and take a drink for water. He decided it was time for a break so he turned the gravitron off and went into the house.
Bulma had breakfast ready when Vegeta came in. She said hello but Vegeta only grunted a response. He sat down and ate quickly.
"Vegeta after you eat I have something I want to show you." Bulma said.
Vegeta looked up. "What is it?"
"I figured out that Big Bang thing." She said with a smile.
Vegeta choked. "What? Already?"
Bulma laughed. "Yeah I'll show you come on." They when out to the back yard where Bulma had set up large rocks for Vegeta to blast when he got angry.
"Allright show me." Vegeta said as his tail wagged.
She held out a hand and released a blue arrow shaped blast that destroyed three rocks with a large explosion. Then she turned to Vegeta smiling.
"Pretty good huh?" She asked.
"It was better than good it was….good." Vegeta said. "IT took me weeks to learn that move."
Bulma laughed. "Well I am a genius."
Then something happened. Vegeta's head snapped to the left. It was a huge power an unreal power. And it was something very familiar. It was Goku.
"What is it?" Bulma asked.
"It's…it's Kakarot….." Vegeta muttered.

* * * *

They stood at Dende's place. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Chichi, Bulma, Krillon, and Android 18. Gohan carried Chichi because she couldn't fly and Vegeta had Bulma ride on his back, 18 had carried Krillon because he was too weak to fly. But he leaned on a cane to keep his balance while standing. Gohan had called his wife Videl who was away visiting her father as he died of cancer. She said she would try to make it. No one had heard from Tien or Yamcha since Shenlong, so it wasn't known if they were even still alive.
Mr. Popo had instructed them to wait outside the palace. He explained that when Goku arrived he was very filthy so Dende had led him to a bathtub. "He should be out very shortly." Popo said. Vegeta leaned against a tree, his arms folded across his chest. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was excited about seeing Kakarot again. He looked forward to seeing the new levels he had reached.
Then Dende came from the palace entrance. He stood before the crowd. "Here he is." He motioned toward the doorway. They could feel his power it was astounding. They watched the door and from the shadows the one and only Goku emerged.

* * * *

The man paced around in his dim laboratory. Along one wall was a row of computer consoles. Along the other were nine large containers. Each contained a powerful creation. His creations.
The man was Jerry Gero Jr. The grandson of the genius Dr. Gero he was exactly like his grandfather, but most of all he wanted to get revenge for his grandfather's death. He paced in front of the containers, stepping to smile at every one of them. "They're almost ready. Soon I'll have our revenge grandfather," he laughed evilly.
Episode 2 : The way it was

Goku wore his usual blue T-shirt and red-orange fighting uniform. He looked no more than twenty-five. He smiled at everyone.
"Hey guys." he said.
Chichi stepped forward. "Is it really you, Goku?" She asked her eyes filled with tears.
Goku laughed. "Of course it's me honey."
"But you're so young. "She said.
"Well, after I absorbed the dragon balls I stay young and fit forever." he explained.
"Are you immortal?" Krillon wheezed.
Goku laughed again. "Actually no. But since I never age I won't die of old age. I can be killed. I think."
Krillon sighed. "I was hoping to fight along side you again someday."
"You can."
Krillon snapped alert. "What?"
"I am basically the eternal dragon. And as long as Dende is alive, I have his powers." Goku said.
Gohan turned to Dende. "Is that really possible?" Dende shrugged. "Sure it is." Goku said. "Krillon, wish for something. I'll let everyone have one wish for now."
Krillon smiled. "I want to be young again."
Then Goku nodded, his eyes turned red and Krillon began to glow, suddenly it stopped and there stood Krillon in the same get-up as Goku and only twenty-three years old. 18 stared at her husband. He was truly happy and well for the first time in ten years. They hugged and kissed overwhelmed with joy.
Goku smiled." 18 do you have a wish?"
18 froze. She looked at Goku with wide eyes. "You'd really grant me a wish?" "Sure."
18 thought for a moment, "Okay. I want to be a true human," she said. Goku's eyes went red and 18 began to glow. When it faded it appeared that nothing happened.
"What?" Goten said. "Nothing happened."
"Sure it did, Can't you tell?" Goku said.
Gohan nodded. "I see it 18's eyes have gained the appearance of life. They're no longer cold and sinister. She is human,"
Krillon laughed and hugged his wife. "She's human!"
"I am." 18 cheered. She amazed herself. For that was the first expression she truly ever had expressed.
Goku turned his attention to his wife. "Chichi, would you like a wish?" He asked. Chichi was crying silently. She shook her head. "I only want to be your wife again."
"Sure thing." he said.
In a flash Chichi was twenty and fresh. She was his wife again. She then fully began to cry.
Goku turned to his children. "Gohan?"
"Yes." Gohan nodded. "I want to be able to use both mystic sayien and Super Sayien powers."
" K." Goku said. His eyes glowed for a moment then when back to normal.
Gohan looked around then he felt his power swelled. He tensed himself up and his hair turned golden-yellow along with his eyebrows. He became more muscular and his pupils turned light blue. He continued to raise his power. Suddenly he exploded. His hair became dozens of golden-yellow spikes that stood straight up. His body became more finely tuned. He smiled and he finished. He became a Super Sayien 2 once again.
Goten glared at his brother in awe. Gohan returned to his normal form.
Goku put a hand on Goten. "I already know what you want." He said. Then Goten became a Super Sayien 2. His body almost identical to his father.
Goku moved over to Trunks. "How about you Trunks?"
Trunks shook his head. "No thanks I'm good."
"Bulma?' But Bulma just shook her head.
"How about you Vegeta?"
"I don't have a wish." Vegeta said. "But grant me this, show me what new level you have achieved."
Goku shook his head. "I rather not. But don't worry you'll see soon."
"What do you mean?"
Goku shrugged. "I'm not sure quite yet, but I feel something is coming."
"What's coming, Goku?" Krillon asked.
"I'm not positive. But I do know that were in trouble." He was very calm dispite the bad news.
Vegeta grunted. How can he be so calm? He just said we were in trouble. "Tell me Kakarot. If what ever is coming is so strong why are you so calm?" Vegeta pressed.
"Because." Goku said as he floated into the air.
"Because what?" Vegeta demanded.
"I'm hungry." He said and flew off. Gohan grabbed his mother then he and Goten flew after Goku.
Vegeta stood grunting. "Damn him, he's hiding something I just know it."
Trunks moved to his father. "But what?"
"I have to find out." He said, and flew after Goku.
Bulma watched him go. "Well I guess you're my ride home."
"Poor Vegeta." Krillon said. "Every time he reaches a new power, Goku beats him to it."
"I know." 18 said.
* * * *
Vegeta sensed Kakarot already near his home. Vegeta grunted and struggled to fly faster. "How did he get so powerful?" He muttered. He flew on ward, the wind rustling his hair. A shadow raced by on the left. It moved around in front of Vegeta. As it came to a halt Vegeta realized that the figure racing toward him was, him. The figure floated in front of him. It was an exact copy of Vegeta himself. Vegeta's mouth fell in surprise. It was a clone, but that didn't disturb Vegeta, what bothered him was the tattoo on the clone's forehead. It read: RR red ribbon.

Episode 3 : Super clones

Gero watched the monitor. "Excellent." he said. "Number 6 is performing wonderfully. It has already reached his target." He typed up something on the keypad.
" 2 and 4 are on route. As well as 1,7,5, &3. This should be interesting." He turned to a container that had not been open. He sighed and peered in.
"It's a shame." He said. "If you hadn't been so disobedient you could have seen some action. But you decided to be rebellious. "He turned back to his monitors. "You'll have to be a last resort."
He watched as Vegeta prepared to act against his Super Clone.

* * * *
Vegeta sneered at his identical visitor. The clone simply stared back. Vegeta could feel the clone's power. It was very strong but nothing Vegeta couldn't handle.
"So what are you?" Vegeta asked. "Another dysfunctional creation of Dr. Gero? Didn't you hear? Androids are obsolete."
The clone wagged it's tail. "I am not an Android." It said with a voice identical to Vegeta's own. "I am a clone of an origin far greater than any Android of Gero's creation."
Vegeta smiled. I don't care where you're from in a few minutes it won't matter anyway."
"Be warned. You can't defeat me."
"I think you under estimate my power. "Vegeta said. He charged the clone his right fist raised. He punched outward but the clone disappeared. A hand grabbed Vegeta's tail; the clone was unbelievably fast. It put a foot on his back and pushed. Vegeta screamed, it was like his tail was trying to pull itself from his body.
Despite the pain Vegeta turned and he was hammer-blowed across the face. The force sent him crashing into the city below.
He landed in the middle of an intersection the cement buckled and caved inward. Vegeta lye stunned. The clone had a lot more power than he thought. He was in serious trouble.

* * * *
They were right near their home when Goku suddenly stopped. He had beads of sweat on his forehead.
Gohan and Goten stopped. "What's wrong?" Gohan asked. But his father didn't answer.
Goku turned toward Kames' lookout. He felt a massive power just leveled Vegeta. "Goten." He said without turning." Take your mother home then go to Kame's."
"Wait a second Goku," Chichi said. "What's going on?"
"It's better that you don't know," he replied "Come on Gohan." he flew back to the way they came Gohan following close behind.
"This sounds bad." Goten said, then he flew down to drop his mother off.

* * * *
Vegeta winced as he sat up; a sharp pain ran up his back. The clone landed on top of a business building several stories high. Vegeta snarled at his twin. He jumped to his feet and flew at the clone with blinding speed. But the clone ducked and punched Vegeta in the gut. He crumpled to the building's roof.
Then clone floated into the sky, and then it raced down planting both feet onto Vegeta's back with incredible force. Vegeta fell though fifteen stories of office before landing hard on the front desk of the lobby.
The clone floated off the building, as it literally was decentegrated. Vegeta rose from the rubble with a golden energy throbbing around him. Veins in his muscles could be seen through the red fur covering his upper body.
"Alright buddy. You want to play? We'll play." Vegeta snarled.
He put his hands out toward the clone. He put his wrists together and a yellow ball of energy formed in the space.
"Final Flash!" Vegeta cried. The beam expanded quickly and raced toward the clone. The clone put his hands out and caught it. But it was a little too strong and the clone was slammed through three buildings then the beam exploded.
Vegeta smiled. "No match for the real thing." He said watching the smoke rise.
"That was quite an impressive light show." A voice said behind him.
Vegeta turned to see the clone. "But if you think you can harm me with such inferior attacks you should probably give up now." It said.
Vegeta raced toward the clone. They began an all out brawl matching each other blow-for-blow. Every attack Vegeta tried the clone matched. Then Vegeta found an opening and went for it. He moved under the clone's attacks and punched it hard in the jaw.
The clone flew back, but it stopped itself. It smiled. "Is that it?" Then it raised one hand, with fingers tightly together.
Vegeta's eyes widened when the clone used his own Big Bang attack against him. He was slammed in the chest and forced into the ground hard enough to cause the street to collapse into the sewer. Vegeta winced as he slipped into unconsciousness.

* * * *
Gero smiled excellent Vegeta was no match for his clones. But his joy didn't last; something kicked his clone across the side of his head. The clone flew into a police station. Then the camera moved, Goku was floating in the air alone with his son Gohan.

* * * *
"Hey! Vegeta are you okay?" Goku cried.
Vegeta climbed out from the large hole that had appeared suddenly in the middle of Brawdworth Avenue. Vegeta grunted. "Of course I am." He said.
Goku turned to the clone of Vegeta as it floated from the rubble of the police station. "You're pretty strong Goku." It said. "But I'm none of your concern."
Suddenly two arms wrapped around Goku pinning him.
Gohan stared at his dad. An exact copy of Goku in his Super Sayien 4 form. It had long black hair and it's upper chest coated in red monkey hair. It held Goku tightly.
Gohan tried to fly over to help his father, but an exact copy of himself grabbed onto his feet. His clone spun him around and threw him into a building, but he stopped himself. He floated up to face his clone.

* * * *
Trunks turned to his mother. "Shall we go?"
Bulma nodded. "I guess so."
He began to lift his mother, but he stopped. He stood up quickly snapping his head to the left. "What's wrong?" She asked.
"I sense two Goku's, and two Vegeta's." He said. "But that's not what is worrying me" Bulma looked at him curiously.
"I'm worried about the fact that I sense another me." He said. "What?" Bulma cried.
"Listen I'll see you later, I've got to find out what the hell is going on." He said, then ran to the edge of the look out and flew off.
Dende moved to Bulma's side. "I don't like this."

Episode 4 : Good vs Evil

Goku strained against his captor, but its grip was too strong. Goku grunted exploding into a super sayien 2. The energy threw the clone back but it recovered quickly.
Goku turned and faced his clone. "Who are you?" He asked.
"None of your business." It said. Goku charged, throwing a volley of punches at light speed. Yet the clone blocked every single blow. Then it kneed him in the gut and elbowed his spine. Goku fell to the ground.
* * * *
Vegeta traded blows with his clone. But he feared that he couldn't beat his other. He fired a ball of energy into the clone staggered back.
Vegeta released a big bang that hit the clone is for it could recover from the previous attack. It was blown into the ground, and when it emerged it was out of breath.
Vegeta smiled. "What's wrong? Can't keep up with the original?" The clone sneered and raced toward him. But it was a blind move and Vegeta saw it coming. He ducked and countered with his own uppercut. The clone flew upward. Vegeta appeared above it ready to wail it into the street.
But it disappeared and Vegeta was the one hit into the street. He crashed into the street, but he managed to land on his feet. In a flash he was in the air fighting punch after punch, with the clone.
The clone did not seem to be fighting with the same power. This made Vegeta have a thought. It got weaker after a large energy blast. He decided to try something.
He put his full force into a punch and when the clone blocked it, it was thrown back.
Vegeta smiled.
"Hey!" He called. "They get weaker after..." He was cut off as the clone decked him in the jaw. Vegeta grunted and hit the clone in the cheek with tremendous force. Then he hammer-blowed it, and it crashed into the ground.
Gohan floated face-to-face with his clone. It stared back. "What are you?" Gohan asked.
"We are clones of Dr. Gero." It said.
Gohan's eyes widened. "What did you say?"
The clone smiled. "Dr. Gero's grandson has far greater genius than the one who gave those Androids birth."
Gohan sneered. "So that's where you came from. I guess I'll have to pay him a visit after I destroy you.
Gohan raced toward the clone, but the clone simply dodged and kneed Gohan in the gut and upper cut him. It did a quick combo of kicks that hit Gohan in the chest, face, gut and another in the gut that threw Gohan back. But he recovered quickly and threw an energy ball at the clone. It slapped it away but Gohan was already in its face with a kick.
The clone was knocked into the wall of a TV station. Gohan smiled but his celebration was short lived as the clone exploded from the building and decked Gohan in the jaw.
Trunks sensed a dramatic increase in power. He felt that Goku's power exploded incredibly. But why did he feel two Gohan's? He hurried toward the powers. Suddenly Trunks was hit into the ground by an unbelievably strong force. A crater formed from the impact. He was momentarily stunned but he got up and out of the way as whatever hit him tried to stomp him into the ground. He blocked the figure's next attack in the form of a roundhouse kick. He back flipped and brought both feet into the figures back. It staggered forward.
"Who are you?" Trunks demanded. The figure turned, revealing an identical version of Trunks. But it had the advantage of Trunk's sword on its back. Trunks' eyes widened.
The clone didn't answer instead it charged. But Trunks threw a ball of energy right into its chin. It was thrown upward and Trunks flew above it and hammered it into the ground. Then he blasted it with a Big Bang as he had learned from his father. When the smoke cleared nothing but bits of clothing remained.
Trunks didn't have time to celebrate. Two powers approached him fast. Trunks looked and saw Krillon and 18 racing toward him, both were beat up a bit. Behind them was an identical clone of Krillon.
"Run!" Krillon cried. Trunks didn't argue he turned and raced toward the origin of all this.

Dr. Gero slammed his fists on the computer panel. "No!" he cried. "How can he be stronger than my clone? No matter number 7 wasn't meant to be the destroyer. He will not beat the others." He typed in a few buttons to see how number 1 was faring. The camera showed a large crater was dust and smoke rising in thick plumes. He smiled. "Goku is no match for me now." Then he laughed.
Goten was a mile from the city when his clone bit him from the left. Goten grunted but did not fly far. He turned against it moving into a fighting stance. "I thought I felt another power similar to mine." he said.
The clone smiled. "But far greater."
Goten smiled. "That's what you think." Then he became a Super Sayien 2 right before the clone's eyes.
The clone's eyes widened, and it began to tremble. Goten's power increased and his muscles bulged becoming more muscular that the strongest Death ball player. Seeing fear in the clone's eyes.
Goten smiled. "What's wrong? Didn't expect my power to be so great?" He disappeared, he appeared behind the clone and kicked it across the face. The clone flew to the right with extreme force. Suddenly a foot exploded through its gut. Goten pulled his foot from the twitching clone's form. The clone's body fell lifelessly to the farmland below.
Goten put his hands to his side. "Kamehameha!" he cried thrusting his hands forward. A large beam of light-blue energy raced into the ground. It exploded destroying the small farm and the clone.
"How is that possible?" Dr. Gero cried. He turned to the main computer. "What happened?"
"Goten has somehow become a level 2 Super Sayien. I could not calculate this new occurrence, therefore the clone was destroyed." The computer responded.
Dr. Gero grunted. "Damn." he said.
When the smoke cleared Goku was standing there in his Super Sayien 4 form. He floated up and faced the clone. "It's a fight from here on," he said.
Then he charged the clone. He did a spinning roundhouse, but the clone ducked and countered with an upper cut. But Goku disappeared, and punched at the clone as he reappeared. The clone disappeared as well, but when it countered Goku performed a graceful back flip and brought his fist into the clone's gut. Its eyes bulged as it gasped for air. Goku kicked it in the chin and it flew into air. Goku appeared above it, but it twisted and kicked him in the stomach.
"It is no use Goku I know all your techniques. You can't beat me." It said.
Goku smiled. "I'm not worried." Then he grabbed the leg that still pressed into his gut with one hand. He held his other hand in the clone's face. "Kamehameha!" he cried. The clone's eyes widened as he was blasted into the city below. The explosion leveled an entire city block. Goku flew after the clone as it met him halfway. They clashed as the clone attacked and Goku blocked. The clone got a punch in and hit Goku in the cheek. But Goku smiled and hit the clone back hard. It floated back.
"Your hits don't even faze me." Goku said, the clone grunted and raced toward Goku again. The move was slow and Goku ducked and kicked the clone's side. Then Goku kicked it upward. He put his hands to his side. "Ka-me-ha-me-ha-10 times!" Then he fired a highly concentrated beam at the clone.
The beam forced the clone into outer space and it suffocated as the beam disintegrated its body. Goku smiled and floated to help Gohan. For the good guys now the advantage, for it was 4 to 7.

Episode 5 : Awaken the Terror

Dr. Gero screamed and pounded his fists on the computer panel. His Goku clone was supposed to be stronger than all the fighters combined. Yet the real Goku's powers had surpassed even Gero's wildest dreams. Now he would have no trouble shutting the others down. It looked like Gero's only choice was to release his other clone. But it was a risk. He had no certainty on how this one would behave. Last time it damn near destroyed the entire lab.
"I have no choice." Gero sighed, he moved to the sealed chamber. "It's time."
Ever since Gohan hit the clone with that energy blast, the clone had severely lost power. It continued to fight with the same ferocity yet it was not hitting near as hard as Gohan hit it. The energy must have caused a power malfunction. The clone uppercuted Gohan then cracked him with a roundhouse kick. The force was enough to knock Gohan back but not hurt him.
"My turn." Gohan said and punched the clone's gut hard then hammered it into the ground. The clone burst through the dust only to find Gohan's hand outward. It's eyes widened as it was blown back into the ground by a small burst of energy. Gohan smiled. When the clone emerged again it rose slowly and cautiously. Then it became eye-level with Gohan it balled its fists and powered up into what Gohan assumed was the identical ability as mystic sayien.
Gohan smiled. "I see your not done with your tricks. Good, because neither am I." With that said Gohan exploded into Super Sayien form. His body throbbed with enormous power. In a move that seemed to be only a streak the clone zipped forward and elbowed Gohan hard in the stomach. The clone seemed to regain his power as this blow hurt. Gohan doubled over and was then kicked into the building on the left.
When Gohan recovered he emerged from the building with unreal speed and clobbered the clone hard. He grabbed its leg and slammed it into the side of the building. The clone just crumpled and fell to the ground. Gohan put his hands together and blasted the clone with a good Kamehameha. Now Vegeta's clone was all that was left.
Vegeta was slammed into the roof hard enough for it to collapse into the next floor below. Vegeta recovered quickly and raced back after the clone. He uppercutted the clone in the chin and then kicked it in the gut.
He followed it all with a quick final flash. The clone slapped the blast of energy away. Then it was slammed into the ground by an unseen force. There stood Goku staring down at the clone's lifeless body.
"Looks like you could use a hand." Goku said.
Vegeta sneered. "Damn you Kakarot! I will only tell you this one time. I don't need or want your help." He flew down after the clone. He continued until he was just a few feet above the clone's bodying then he decentarated the limp copy with a one handed blast. Vegeta laughed.
The chamber hissed and steam poured from the seams. Dr. Gero held his breath, as the door slit open. There he stood by far the most powerful being ever created. Gogeta opened his eyes. Dr. Gero wasn't sure what would happen next. Gogeta became alert and he stepped from the chamber wearing an orange and black vest and white fighting pants held up by a blue belt. He surveyed the room then he turned his attention to Gero.
"You've got a lot of nerve waking me again." he sneered.
"Yes well I'm sorry about that. But I require your assistance" Dr. Gero explained. "My other clones have failed."
Gogeta smiled, "So your weak pathetic little clones have failed."
"Yes Goku and his friends are much stronger than I have anticipated."
Gogeta thought for a moment. "Sounds entertaining. Alright I'll destroy them, but afterward I want to be alone. You must destroy that paralyzing control."
Gero grunted. "Very well."
Gogeta smiled. "OK then." Then he put a hand up and blew a hole through the roof; He floated out of the hole and toward the battle.
Gohan flew toward Vegeta when 18, Krillon, and Trunks flew in front of him. Following them was another Krillon. Instinctively Gohan grabbed the other Krillon's leg as he flew by. Trunks stopped and came over and kicked the other Krillon down to the ground.
"Gohan they're clones!" Trunks cried.
"Yeah I noticed. " They flew down to the clone.
As the clone stood it found itself facing Gohan, Trunks, 18 and Krillon. Vegeta and Goku landed behind it.
"It's over for you." Vegeta said. From the right Goten flew down and landed. The clone shook and trembled with fear.
"Krillon finish it." Goku cried.
Krillon was shaking but he nodded and got himself under control. He put his hands to his side.
"Ka-me-ha-me...." He began. But he didn't need to finish. A red blast of energy came from above and destroyed the Krillon clone.
They all looked up as Gogeta floated down as a Super Sayien. Even Vegeta trembled at the power Gogeta was generating. But it wasn't the power that worried Goku; he was worried because it was a clone of Vegeta and his fusion. How was that even possible?
"Are you a clone too?" Goku asked.
Gogeta turned to him. "Not a clone. The clone. As I am far more powerful than these lowly piles of junk."
"But how did Gero make a permanent copy of a temporary being?"
"He gathered organic material of Gogeta while he fought Shenlong some years ago. Since I was "born" as Gogeta I stay Gogeta." he explained.
"I see." Goku said.
"For a tough guy, you sure babble a lot." Vegeta said.
"Quiet. You are no matter for me so keep your mouth shut." Gogeta said.
"Why you." Vegeta charged.
But Goku appeared in front of him. "No Vegeta!" he said.
"Out of my way Kakarot!" Vegeta said.
Gogeta smiled. "You should listen to him, Vegeta."
Despite Goku's far superior strength Vegeta pushed him aside and raced after Gogeta. He hit Gogeta square in the jaw. But Gogeta's head didn't even flinch under the blow. Vegeta jumped back and fired a blast of energy that exploded on Gogeta's chest. Yet when the smoke cleared Gogeta simply stood there.
"Are you done Vegeta?" Gogeta asked. Vegeta didn't answer. He stared on in terror. Goku came up and grabbed Vegeta's arm.
"Vegeta that's enough." he said.
"Goku." Gogeta said. "You have a power far greater than anyone here. It's almost as strong as me. I think it would be a most interesting fight."
Gogeta moved into a fighting stance. "What do you say?"
"No." Goku said flatly.
Everyone gasped.
"I'm afraid you have no choice." Gogeta said.
"What if I refuse?" Goku asked.
Gogeta disappeared and reappear in front of Krillon. He raised a fist and bought it down on Krillon's skull, but he was stopped. Goku was holding Gogeta's fist mere inches from Krillon's head.
"If I fight you, do I have your word that you will not hurt anyone else?" Goku asked.
Gogeta smiled. "Very will. For the time being." He said. "But if you do not challenge me I will kill your friends one by one until you do."
Goku nodded. "Deal."

Episode 6 : Terrible Powers

Goku and Gogeta stared each other down. Vegeta moved over to the others. They looked on in fear.
"Is Goku out of his mind or what?" Trunks asked.
Vegeta shook his head without taking his eyes off the two warriors. "No. I don't think so. Ever since Kakarot absorbed the Dragonballs his power has been unbelievable. Yet I don't think we haven't even come close to seeing his true power." He grunted trying to hold back his anger.
"Can he really beat Gogeta?" Goten asked.
"We'll see," Gohan said.
Gogeta smiled. "Now we'll see how strong you really are."
Goku sighed. "Perhaps"
The energy swelled around Gogeta as he raced forward with unimaginable speed. He punched at Goku but it missed as Goku moved to the left with out moving.
Gogeta spun around and tried to kick Goku. Goku put an arm up to block and decked Gogeta.
Gogeta staggered back. "You are strong indeed," he said.
Goku put his hands to his side. "Ka-me-ha-me..."
Gogeta smiled. "I am well aware of this trick."
"I'd hope so. HA!" He threw his hands forward and released a light blue energy beam. Gogeta simply slapped it away. But Goku had just used that as a distraction. He zipped forward and jump-kicked Gogeta straight in the nose. Gogeta landed on his face, but spun on his hands to try and trip Goku. But Goku jumped and kicked Gogeta's gut. Gogeta skidded across the ground.
"Alright!" Krillon cheered. "Goku's way stronger than Gogeta."
"Shut up!" Vegeta said. "Can't you see what's going on?"
"Huh?" Krillon looked at him. "What do you mean?"
"It's really quite obvious. Kakarot may be hitting Gogeta, but he isn't even hurting him." Vegeta said. Krillon gasped, and watched the fight.
Gogeta stood up laughing. "Very good Goku. But if that's all you've got you better give up." he said.
"I guess it's good I haven't showed my real power." Goku said.
Gogeta smiled. Then in a flash he raced forward kneed Goku in the gut then elbowed his back, which slammed him into the ground. He held out a hand and blew Goku into the air with an energy blast. Goku recovered in time to block Gogeta's next kick. Gogeta sent a volley of punches but Goku managed to block every single blow.
Gogeta jumped into the air with his hands to his side. "Kamehameha!" he called, throwing his hands forward releasing a huge beam.
Goku's eyes widened, and he launched his own Kamehameha. The two beams met each other at the halfway point. Goku struggled and his beam began to inch closer to Gogeta.
Gogeta wasn't about to lose to a mere single being. So he simply transformed into Super Sayien 2. His beam instantly overcame Goku's and slammed him into the ground. The ground buckled and a giant creator quickly formed.
Gogeta sighed. "Over already?" He snickered.
"Not yet." Goku said from above.
Gogeta's eyes widened as Goku connected with a hard kick across the face. Gogeta flew into the ground hard. But he recovered quickly and raced up to meet Goku. "I'm enjoying this very much Goku. But it's time I reveal my true power."
Goku smiled. "Me too."
Gogeta dropped his smile and balled his fists tightly. His power began to grow rapidly.
"What?" Vegeta cried. "There's no way." he grunted.
Gogeta began to scream. The energy around him exploded. His hair became thick and a foot and a half long. It then became red. His entire body swelled becoming more muscular even then before. From his butt region a red monkey-like tail burst from his pants. His upper body began to grow red hair. Aside from his pecks and upper abs, his upper body was covered in red monkey hair. Gogeta stopped yelling and relaxed. He smiled.
"What do you think?"
"I think you wasted your time." Goku said.
Gogeta faltered. "What? Oh I get it, You're bluffing."
Goku smiled. "You may be strong Gogeta, but I am stronger."
Vegeta and the others gasped.
"What did Goku say?" Krillon gasped.
"Father is stronger than Gogeta?" Goten said in awe.
"There's no way! How can Kakarot be any stronger than Gogeta?" Vegeta panicked
"You really believe that your power can be greater than my own?" Gogeta asked his smile never wavering.
"It is. You see I have the power of the dragonballs. But you didn't know that did you?" Goku said.
Gogeta's eyes widened. "You lie." His smile dropped.
"You still don't believe me huh? Then let me show you." He gritted his teeth and tightened his fists. The energy around him exploded. The ground began to shake. The sky turned completely black and the entire earth shook harder. Goku's body's muscles expanded and he grew a nearly a foot. From behind Goku the shadow of the eternal dragon appeared behind him.
Gogeta's eyes seemed to lose all expression Goku's body shook from the massive gain in power.
Goku smiled. "You seem nervous."
Then Gogeta smiled. "Not even close I'm afraid, In fact I'm shocked. All that for such a minuscule power increase."
In a flash Gogeta raced forward and decked Goku across the face. Then hammered him into the ground.
"Father!" Goten cried, He started to go after his father but Gohan grabbed him.
"No Goten. There's nothing you can do." Gohan said.
Goku was kicked across the ground. Then punched into the air from under ground. As Gogeta raced up after Goku, Goku turned and blasted him with a heavy energy wave; Gogeta sailed into the ground.
Goku immediately fired a kamehameha. But Gogeta disappeared and reappeared next to Goku with a nice roundhouse kick across his face.
Once again Goku crashed into the ground.
Goku winced as he stood up. "Damn it. He's too strong I can even lay a finger on him."
Gogeta landed in front of him. "I'm very disappointed. I thought fighting the great Goku would be a challenge." He smiled. "And by our deal that means one of your friends must go." He held up a hand toward the others.
"When I say, everyone go after Gogeta with all you've got." Vegeta said.
An aura of energy formed around Gogeta's head.
"Now!" Vegeta cried.
In a flash everyone powered up as high as they could and swarmed Gogeta. But Vegeta grabbed Goku and flew back.
"Kakarot we have to fuse." Vegeta said.
"Are you sure Vegeta?" Goku wince.
Vegeta grunted. "Damn it! It's the only way. Lets do it."
Goku nodded, they stood apart, and put their hands away from the other person. They took three tiny steps toward each other while they rolled their arms to face the other person. Then their arms moved away again and there opposite knee moved across the other leg. Then the knee shot out both bodies moved sideways they touched fingers and a flash of light immediately exploded around them. Gohan and Goten fired Kamehameha's from different directions. They both hit Gogeta square on Trunks threw energy balls from above. They stopped when the light flashed into view. They cheered when the real Gogeta floated from above. Now it would be a fight.
"You guys go away. We'll handle this," The new Gogeta said.
Episode 7 : Gogeta fails

Gogeta's clone smiled. "So I guess I finally meet my maker." He chuckled. "I always wanted to see how strong you really are."
The real Gogeta didn't smile. "We will end this now." He zipped forward and upper-cutted the clone hard. He followed with a spin kick to the stomach.
The clone flew back, and Gogeta raised one hand over his head. In his palm a crystal like ball formed and began to glow.
When the clone raced back, Gogeta threw it. What should have ended this fight immediately did not. The clone caught the ball and hurled it back. Gogeta dodged but the ball flew onward and hit Krillon. Gogeta's eyes widened as Goku's best friend was disintegrated from the inside out.
The clone smiled. "Well that was unexpected."
"Krillon No!!!!" Trunks and Gohan cried, as 18 just froze.
Gogeta stood still in shock. He stared in horror as Krillon faded away.
Gogeta exploded with anger and power. The energy around him swelled unimaginably. He raced after the clone, he punched at the clones head.
But despite the extreme power Gogeta demonstrated, the clone blocked the blow. However Gogeta's next attacks were successful, with a volley of gut punches and a hammer blow to the top of the skull the clone fell to his knees. Gogeta flew into the air and quickly prepared his strongest attack. The bigbangkamehameha. It was a ball of half white half blue energy that grew to the size of a beach ball. Then it exploded in a massive wave the slammed into the clone's body creating a huge explosion.
"Impressive light show." The clone said from above.
Gogeta turned and was kicked hard in the head and slammed into the ground, the ground buckle as a crater formed beneath him. But Gogeta got up and raced up to meet the clone. Together they clashed launching blow for blow. The force of their blow sent shockwaves through the air, and Gohan, Goten and Trunks stared in awe. The power coming from the two bodies was unreal and devastating.
One of the two Gogeta's blows connected at the same time and they were both thrown backward. The clone fired a Kamehameha but Gogeta just slapped it away.
Gogeta teleported behind the clone and fired a Big bang into the clone back. The clone was slammed through a farmhouse and the energy wave exploded decentagrating the house and the crops around it. Gogeta floated over the wreckage.
The clone appeared in front of him. The clone punched a hundred times in three seconds but gogeta still dodged. Gogeta smiled and kicked the clone higher into the air. The clone stopped himself but Gogeta hit him again this time with a fist in the chin. Gogeta hammered the clone into the ground. The clone recovered and landed on his feet.
Gogeta floated down and landed in front of the clone.
The clone grunted as if in frustration but then he smiled. "You are indeed strong. But you are nothing to me." He wiped the blood off his mouth and chuckled.
Gogeta didn't falter. "You bluffing we can see that. Look at yourself you're all beat up. You know it you can't beat me."
The clone laughed. "Is that so? Well have you ever thought that maybe I was letting you hit me? No. Well that's too bad. Now it's my turn." The energy around the clone grew bright and in a second he had his fist in Gogeta's gut.
Gogeta doubled over and the clone hit him hard across the face. Gogeta sailed into a hill, which exploded upon impact. Gogeta stood slowly and grunted as he was hit into the air by the clone's foot.
Trunks, Goten, Gohan and 18 cried out as even Gogeta fell to the clone's merciless attacks. "Oh no!" Gohan cried. "Not even Gogeta is strong enough to beat the super clone."
"Now what are we going to do?" Trunks said.
There was an explosion as Gogeta crashed into the ground again.
Gogeta got to knees slowly. "Damn it. He's too strong."
The clone floated overhead. "It is really a shame. I can't believe that I am made from your cells. It makes me sick sometimes."
Gogeta grunted and in a burst of energy he launched himself up and slugged the clone hard across the jaw. The clone had his guard down so the blow hit with full force and he went sailing into the air. Gogeta flew up after him but the clone regained control and ducked under the next of Gogeta's attacks. The clone brought his knee into Gogeta's gut and Gogeta fell back to the ground.
"This landscape is getting way too beat up." The clone said. "What say we go somewhere a little less destroyed?" With that he flew to the North.
Gogeta winced as he flew off after him.
"There they go!" Goten cried.
"We have to follow them!" Gohan said. And they flew off after them.

* * * *
Gogeta followed the clone to the far North, over the Collen Mountains. There the clone stopped and turned to Gogeta. It was cold here, very cold. The top of the mountains were absolutely covered in ice and snow.
"What do you think? This area should do nicely." The clone said.
"It is OK." Gogeta said.
Trunks, Gohan, and Goten arrived a minute later.
Goten immediately began to hug himself. "Man it is cold out here."
"It's incredible." Gohan said.
"What is?" Trunks asked.
The clone and Gogeta began to fight again. Energy came from the force of their blows.
"The clone new that the energy they used when fight would tire them out if they continued fighting over the hot land. So he lead Gogeta here so they could fight without losing energy to the heat." Gohan explained.
"Oh I see." Trunks said in awe.
Gogeta was suddenly slammed into the side of a mountain. Which buckled from the impact. From within the broken rocks Gogeta made a violent cry. "Kaioken 100x!"
He zipped out from the mountain and slammed his foot into the clone's head. The clone flew back and then he stopped himself. He smiled.
"Is that all you've got?" He said and then raced forward and slammed Gogeta into the valley below.
The explosion shook ice from the mountain tops. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks gasped.
Gohan thought to himself for a moment. Then the perfect thought came to his head. "Hey I've got it!" he cried.
"What is it Gohan?" Goten asked.
"We have to give Gogeta our energy. Then he should be strong enough to beat his clone." Gohan explained.
Trunks smiled. "Hey you're right! That's a great idea!!!"
They held their hands toward the ground below where Gogeta lay.
Gogeta grunted and got to his feet slowly. "Damn it. He's too strong. Even for me." Then his eyes widened as his power was suddenly boasted.
But he never had a chance to use the new power. The fusion broke just then, and Goku and Vegeta feel to the ground. Both of them could no longer hold onto their Super Sayien forms.
The clone laughed at the two fighters. "It seems that you can no longer keep up with me Goku. And by our agreement," the clone said, "one of your friends must die."
Goku struggled to his feet. "No.." he said.
The clone floated over to where the others floated. He floated in front of Trunks, then he slapped Trunks down into a mountain. Trunks was dead.
Gohan stared in anger, and with sudden rage he exploded into Super Sayien 2 and began to attack Gogeta. Gogeta just stood there as Gohan's attacks just bounced off him. Gogeta grabbed him by the face and swung him around so his feet cracked Goten hard. Then he fired a Ki blast at point blank range. Gohan fell unconscious but still alive.
Goku's anger built and as he heard his sons screaming his anger exploded. He screamed and his power grew dramatically. Gogeta floated down and stood in front of him.
"What are you doing Goku?" He asked.
Goku looked up and Gogeta saw his eyes. They had become black pits of nothingness. Goku screamed again, and this time his power became tremendous. The monkey hair re-grew on his chest only silver this time. Then the ground cracked and exploded and dust completely covered Goku's body.
In Goku's mind he could picture himself becoming a Super Sayien in his fight with Frieza and then Super Sayien 2 and 3 during his training up in heaven and then Super Sayien 4 during the battle with Bebi. And lastly he saw himself becoming something else. Something very different from anything he ever imagined.
When the dust cleared Gogeta got a clear view of Goku's new form. His hair was silver and the length of Super Sayien 3. Hs monkey hair was silver and he had grown at least a foot. His body rippled with muscle and he wore a pair of gray pants, over the pant he had on a skirt-like cloth that was green with blue markings. His eyes were solid black with gold pupils.
Gogeta shook. "What? What is this?"
Goku smiled. "Oh this? This is nothing. Just Super Sayien 5."

Episode 8 : Extreme Battle

Goku's power flashed through Dende's mind. It was enough to knock him over. Bulma came over to help him stand.
"What is it?" Bulma asked.
"'s..Goku. His power has just gone through roof." He said his eye wide in shock.
Bulma smiled. "Well that's our Goku. Always reaching new levels."
"But.. I'm not sure if it will be enough."
Vegeta was suddenly restored to full strength. He stood up and floated over to where Gohan and Goten were getting up. Off to the left Trunks got up and also floated over. Goku had restored everyone's health. Was this a part of Goku's new power? Vegeta thought.
Grandfather Kaio-shin cheered looking into the magic crystal ball. It displayed an image of Super Sayien 5 Goku.
"Man those Sayiens are really something else." He said.
"I have never seen anything like this. Goku is amazing." Kaio-bit said.
Grandfather Kaio-shin nodded. "You are young yet. I can barely remember the last time I saw a power like that."
Then his story began. "I believe I was a little younger than you. A giant power appeared in the West Galaxy. And believe you me we're talking some real bad stuff here. His name was Zordindar I recall. Finally a swift warrior by the name of Pikkon sealed him away in a star."
"You were Kaio-shin way back then?" Kaio-bit said.
Grandfather Kaio-shin nodded. "Yeah and now Goku has achieved the same kind of power."
"Can he beat Gogeta?"
Kaio-shin shrugged. "It's possible. But it is close."
Goku stood tall, silver energy throbbed all around him. Tiny bolts of lighting flashed here and there. The ground was massively cracked. Goku looked evil now but there was still something good about him. He glared at Gogeta his fists clenched tightly.
"Super Sayien 5???" Gogeta said. "How? Is that possible?"
"Easy really." Goku said his voice flat. "About a year after I left a new sensation began to build inside of me. It was an incredible power. The voice of Shenlong told me it was the true power of the Sayien race. So I became determined to bring it out. I tried hard and failed. My refusal to give up kept me going. Only after a major avalanche froze my body did the power awaken. Thus Super Sayien 5 was born. But Super Sayien 5 cannot be summoned willingly. It only shows up as a need."
Gogeta smiled. "I see."
"Now I am going to destroy you. Just like you killed Krillon and Trunks." Goku sneered.
Gogeta chuckled. "I didn't kill Krillon you did."
"DIE!" Goku cried.
"I don't think so." Gogeta said. "I am the most powerful being in the universe." He raced forward and punched Goku hard in the face. Goku staggered back.
Gogeta smiled. "Your new power is still nothing to me."
Goku looked at Gogeta. "Don't bet on that."
Gogeta's eyes widened as Goku buried his fist in Gogeta's gut, then nailed him with a right hook that sent him flying into a rock which shattered and collapsed on him.
Goten cheered. "Alright! Father you can do it."
"He's incredible." Trunks said.
Vegeta grunted. "Curse you Kakarot." He grumbled.
Gogeta exploded from the rubble and raced after Goku. Goku stood still as Gogeta prepared to kick him. The foot connected and Goku did a twirl in the air before he was slammed into the ground.
When Goku started to get up he was kicked into the air. Gogeta appeared above him to hit him back into the ground but Goku spun and his knee met Gogeta's chin.
Goku grabbed Gogeta's tail and begun to spin. He released and sent Gogeta racing for the ground. Goku appeared under him about to uppercut him. But Gogeta caught himself and actually landed on Goku's fist with both feet, then he backflipped off.
Gogeta spun with a kick, but Goku blocked it and countered with a left hook. Gogeta dove back and the punch missed.
Gogeta did a sweep kick that tripped Goku, but Goku tripped Gogeta when he hit the ground. In the end both fighters were on the ground.
Both Goku and Gogeta leaped to their feet smiling.
The other Z Warriors looked on it awe.
"Did anyone catch that?" Goten asked.
"Barely." Trunks said. "Man that was fast."
"They're almost equal," Gohan said. "But I think Dad has the slight advantage."
Vegeta knew he would have to set the gravitron for 1000 when this was over. He once again had to achieve this new unprecedented level.
" I must admit Goku, this new power is really interesting. And yet it won't save you." Gogeta said, panting and smiling.
"Well I guess we're both holding back." Goku said.
Gogeta chuckled. "I guess it wouldn't be a fight if we aren't both at maximum power." With that Gogeta began to yell, the energy around him exploded again and the ground began to cave. Then Gogeta's true power became widely known. It was enough to send the others flying backward.
Then it was over. Golden energy surrounded Gogeta casting an eerie glow over him.
"What do you think Goku?" Gogeta asked.
Goku smiled. "It's a start." Then he to began to scream.
The silver energy around him expanded wildly. As it expanded the ground was ripped apart. His muscles tightened and the ground shook.
The shaking could be felt up in Kame's lookout. Dende grabbed onto a tree to keep his balance but Bulma just sat down.
"What's going on?" she cried.
"I don't believe it." Vegeta cried. "Kakarot is dead even with Gogeta."
"What in the world?" Gohan said.
They're monsters, both of them." Vegeta said.
As Goku continued the ice on the mountains began to melt and flash floods rolled down the mountainside.
Then it was finished.
Both fighters glared at each other. Their energies intertwined with each other.
"This might actually prove challenging." Gogeta said. "I never expected even the great Goku to be able to stand up to me."
"Well I am just full of surprises." Goku said. "How would you like to see a new attack I perfected?"
Gogeta's smile faltered. "What do you mean?"
"Just watch." Goku put his hands across his chest, then balled his fists and put them to his side. They became surrounded by electricity. Then two energy balls formed around them. He held his hands out in front of him and the balls grew and became one. It continued to grow until it was the size of a car. When he released it, it became a golden beam of energy.
Gogeta put out his hands to block it but he was blown away. His body slammed into a rock and the energy exploded.
He appeared behind Goku. "Impressive."
Goku smiled. "I didn't think you'd be smart enough to use the Instant Transmission."
"You must remember I have your mind and Vegeta's mind." Gogeta said.
"I see." Goku said. "You must be very confused."
"Is that so?" Gogeta said. "Well let me show you." He raced forward and tried to elbow Goku's gut. But Goku blocked it and with both hands.
Goku kicked Gogeta into the air and a giant clash followed. Goku launched attacks that Gogeta either dodged or blocked. Then it switched to Gogeta launching attacks. The air formed massive shockwaves from the force of the blows.
Goku disappeared, and reappeared under Gogeta with an extremely hard punch to the gut. Gogeta's eyes widened. But he recovered quickly and hammered Goku into the ground.
Gogeta put his thumb and forefingers together and held his hands down at Goku. A sky blue ball formed in front of him.
"Big-Bang-Kamehameha!" He cried.
Episode 9 : Power to the MAX Gogeta is hurt

Gogeta released his energy wave; the explosion became a giant dome over half a mile wide. The shock wave from the explosion blew the others back. Vegeta powered up into his Super Sayien 4 form and stopped himself first. Gohan and Trunks stopped themselves a bit further back.
"Oh man, I hope Goku is OK." Trunks said.
They flied forward to stand next to Vegeta. Vegeta was looking up toward Gogeta who seemed a bit out of breath. "That attack should have drained Gogeta more than that." He said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Gohan asked.
"Remember when Kakarot and I fused in fighting Shenlong? Well, we used that same move but it drained more out of us." Vegeta said. "Now this Gogeta doesn't even seem to feel the effects of a massive energy attack like that. Gero has created another blasted monster."
Trunks looked around and he didn't see Goku. "Where's Goku?"
Vegeta chuckled. "Look higher."
Trunks and Goten looked up and there high above Gogeta was the silver covered form of Goku.
"Oh man! How'd he move up that fast?" Goten said.
Kakarot's new power is unbelievable. Damn you Kakarot. Vegeta said fists balled. A golden aura swirled around him.
Gohan looked at Vegeta, man Vegeta must be pretty upset.
Gogeta stared down at the giant hole his energy blast had created. It was empty; he hadn't even seen Goku move away. He straightened up, and smiled.
"I must admit this new power of yours is really something else." Gogeta said.
Goku smiled. "Yeah I guess so. But then again maybe you're getting tired."
"Not likely." Gogeta sneered. He raced forward and tried to cross punch Goku, but Goku dodged the blow and countered with his own left hook. Gogeta sailed into a mountain, were the mountainside crumbled under the force of Gogeta's impact.
Goku floated over to face Gogeta when he recovered. But Gogeta didn't appear the way Goku planed. Instead of floating out from the rubble Gogeta raced up from under Goku and upper cutted him hard in the chin. Goku's body back flipped from the impact and he was then kicked in the gut and slammed into the ground.
Gogeta smiled. "Yet my powers still overwhelm you." Then he laughed. "Seriously Goku you really think that your so call Super Sayien 5 could really beat me."
"I guess you don't understand the power this form holds." Goku said from behind Gogeta.
Gogeta turned his eyes widened. "How? How can you move that fast?"
"Just another power of Super Sayien 5. Now I'll show you my strength." Goku smiled. He balled his fists, the energy around him swelled. He began to scream. His power exploded, the energy was enough to cause the water flowing down the mountains to flow up the mountains. The sky began to tremble and even the ground shook hard.
Vegeta and the others had to brace themselves to keep from falling to their knees. "Incredible." Vegeta cried.
"Father is amazing." Goten said.
"No doubt." Trunks replied.
Then the shaking stopped and Goku straightened up. The energy around him throbbed.
Gogeta was nervous yet he hid his real fear. "I don't believe your power is everything you say it is." He said. "I won't believe it." He raced forward and hit Goku hard. The impact caused the air to tremble.
Goku's head never moved. He kneed Gogeta in the gut hard. Gogeta gasped and doubled over. He struggled for air but to no avail. Goku elbowed his back sending Gogeta crashing into the ground.
The ground buckled and a giant crater formed under Gogeta's body. The dust was enough to blanket a square mile of land.
Gohan and the others coughed and struggled to see through the dust. But it took five minutes for the dust to settle. "Holy cow!" Gohan cried.
Goku landed on the other side of the crater and walked toward its rim, where Gogeta floated out, a stern look of anger on his face. "Damn you!" He cried and made a blind move to hit Goku but it missed as Goku dodged aside and slapped Gogeta with a hard backhand to the back of his head.
Gogeta sailed into the base of a mountain where the ground exploded in a similar way as before.
Grandfather Kaio-shin smiled. "I didn't think it was possible, but Goku actually isn't stronger than Gogeta. Gogeta still has the advantage." He shrugged. "It looks like we may have another Majin Buu problem on our hands unless Goku has some way to beat him."
Kaio-bit gasped. "What do you mean? Goku is licking Gogeta. How can Gogeta still have the greater power?"
"He isn't at his full power. So at the moment yes, Goku is much stronger, but there still is that factor." Kaio-shin said.
"He said he is at full power." Kaio-bit said.
"But there is still that Kaio-ken thing. He still can increase his power a hundred fold if he should desire."
"Oh no! Goku be careful."
Gogeta stood laughing. "Very good Goku. I am no match for you now."
Goku walked forward yet. "You can't fool me Gogeta. I still am aware of the Kaio-ken attack. You are part of me after all how can you not have it?"
Gogeta chuckled. "That I do." He said. "Kaio-ken times 100!!" He cried, and was immediately surrounded by a red energy. He raced forward and tried to punch Goku, but Goku punched the fist flying at him the two fist met and they gripped hands and pushed against each other.
Their feet crushed the ground below them and the ground surrounding them began to rip up in large chunks. The ground shook as their powers merged each one trying to overcome the other.
In a flash they disappeared, only the sounds of the battle above could be heard and the air rippled from the force of each blow that either connected or was blocked. In the end both fighters hit the ground away from each other, as soon as their feet touched the ground they raced toward each other again.
But Gogeta slowed down and his guard fell. His face meet Goku's right fist. And Gogeta was blown into a large rock. Gogeta staggered out of the rubble. Gogeta's eyes were wide with shock. "What happened to my power?"
Goku smiled. "It looks like Kaio-ken is taking its toll on your body."
Gogeta's power took and nosedive and Goku raced forward and nailed him hard in the stomach. Gogeta fell to his knees spiting up bile.

Episode 10 : Goku owerpowered

Gogeta staggered back bile dripped from his mouth. He tried to stand but fell to his knees again. Goku held out a hand and blasted Gogeta into the side of a mountain. Goku floated over to where Gogeta lay half buried under rocks.
Trunks and Goten cheered. "Way to go Goku!"
Vegeta grunted to himself. He wouldn't dare show his amazement. "Damn you Kakarot. You had to do it again didn't you? You had to surpass me again. Well I won't let it happen again." Then he chuckled to himself.
Gohan couldn't believe his fathers power. "Unreal. I can't believe he can be as strong as he is."
"Don't be fooled." Vegeta said. The other turned and looked at him. "If you weren't so busy celebrating you'd know that Gogeta is just fine."
Goku waited for Gogeta to rise. Gogeta staggered to his feet drops of spit hanging from his chin. Goku raised his hand and prepared to blast him again. But in a flash Gogeta snapped alert. He was smiling as he disappeared and his fist met the back of Goku's head. Goku flew forward into the same pile of rocks that Gogeta was in.
Goku jumped out instantly and raced toward Gogeta. Gogeta wiped the bile from his lips and disappeared again. Goku's punch when through the shadow left by Gogeta and Gogeta's appeared below Goku and Goku had a second to gasp before Gogeta's foot contacted his gut hard.
Goku flew into the air spit flying from his mouth. He stopped himself quickly though, and he looked down at Gogeta who was already flying up at him. Goku didn't have time to react before Gogeta upper-cutted him in the jaw. Then as a follow through he spin kicked him across the face sending Goku spiraling backward.
Goku grunted and faced Gogeta again. "So it was an act all along huh? You are very strong Gogeta it is a shame you could be working on the other side."
"Life is just full of disappointments." Gogeta said smiling. Then he raced forward and decked Goku, but Goku managed to block it. Goku countered with a knee to the gut and hammered Gogeta into the ground with the force to destroy and small city.
But Gogeta stopped himself just inches above the ground and raced back up to fight Goku. Both fighters disappeared and only the energy from their blows could be seen. It seemed to go on for hours yet it was only seconds before Goku was knocked out of the air by a devastating punch from the super clone.
Goku grunted and got on his feet slowly but Gogeta's devastating foot kicked him down again. Then Gogeta put his hands to his side.
"Ka-me-ha-me…" Gogeta began but getting nailed by Vegeta's foot suddenly interrupted him.
"I don't think so pal. No one is going to kill Kakarot today." Vegeta smiling. He turned to Goku. "Kakarot prepare a Genki-dama! Hurry!" He cried.
Goku got to his feet. "Vegeta I can't do that."
"What? Why not?"
"I can't do it in this form." Goku said.
"Then get out of it."
"I can't I have to wait for my energy to run out."
"Damn it. How long till it runs out?" Vegeta asked.
"Couldn't really tell ya. My guess is another fifteen minutes." Goku said.
"Fine. I'll stall him while you power down."
Goku held out his hand. "Wait Vegeta you can't. He's too strong for you."
Vegeta smiled. "Maybe so. But Kakarot you haven't seen my true power yet. I've gotten much stronger since the last time we meet and I am going to show you just how powerful I am."
Gogeta got to his feet. "Vegeta you are going to pay dearly.